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Enjoy collections of handcrafted ceramic ware and sculptures made by

Sam Toundaian in Missoula, MT.

Each piece is uniquely different from the form to the surface textures inspired by Lake Superior agates, & topography. 

Whether this is your first handmade piece or an addition to a longstanding collection, your new favorite is not far away! 


About Sammy T

Sam Graduated from Northern Michigan University with a degree in Art Education specializing in ceramics. After falling in love with clay in middle school, Sam went on to pursue her love of the arts. She received many regional awards and a gold medal at the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Sam also received second place in her senior exhibition at NMU.  

The tactile experience Sam creates using slip trailing is inspired by a love of collecting Lake Superior Agates during her undergrad time. Other inspirations include topography and tree rings. Indulge in your senses with an original Sammy T piece today! 

Currently living and creating in Missoula, MT

Clay from the Archie Bray Foundation

Firing at The Clay Studio of Missoula 

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